A Sense of Belonging

When a visitor walks into a classroom at Sand Hill School, they regularly notice a meaningful sense of belonging amongst our students.

This connection is a very important part of our culture. Read more »

The Top Ten Moments of the 2018-19 School Year

It’s been an amazing year at Sand Hill School. As we settle in to a relaxing summer, we’ve begun to reflect on the year that was. Although it was very difficult to narrow them down, here are our Top Ten Moments at Sand Hill this year. Read more »

Tips for Traveling with Kids with ADHD

Summer is in full swing! So much fun to be had: sunshine, relaxation, and family vacations. But if your time off involves traveling with a child with ADHD, you know it’s not always smooth sailing. Read more »

Sojourn to the Past

SHS Sojourn featured

Are you aware of the bravery of the Little Rock Nine?
Or the resilience of the Montgomery Bus Boycott?
Or the daring of the Children’s Crusade of 1963? 
Or the tragedy at the 16th Street Baptist Church?

A little online research will grant you the facts on these historic happenings. But students at Sand Hill relived these events by reaching into the past and discovering answers from the ultimate source–the people who survived them. Read more »

Top 5 Reasons to Train Teachers About Dyslexia


In a sea of professional development opportunities for teachers, how do you decide what’s most important for teachers to learn? What will make the biggest impact on the students? Read more »

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