Do You Have a Struggling Reader? Let’s Talk.

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Love to read at Sand Hill

Did you know that there are many famous and successful people who are also dyslexic? Steven Spielberg, Henry Winkler, Magic Johnson, Tom Cruise, Agatha Christie, William Hewlett, Thomas Edison, Jennifer Aniston and more. Did you also know that the IDA (International Dyslexia Association) states that 1 in 10 people experience the challenges of dyslexia?

October has been designated as National Dyslexia Awareness month in the U.S. The goal is to raise awareness of dyslexia and help people understand that with appropriate teaching methods and programs, people with dyslexia can learn and be successful.

The program at Sand Hill School is specifically designed for students with dyslexia. Learning to read is one of the most difficult tasks for those that have been diagnosed with dyslexia. At Sand Hill, we use a structured literacy approach that utilizes an explicit, systematic methodology to teach reading. Our teachers are trained to break down skills into smaller components so that our students can learn (such as sounding out each letter sound in a word). We carefully sequence learning activities and prompt students in a step-by-step, scaffolded way that allows them to learn in the way that their brains are wired. The result is that Sand Hill students learn to read.

If you are a parent of a child who is struggling with learning to read, we would love to talk with you and encourage you as you work to support your child. Sand Hill School might be just what your child needs. Let’s meet soon.


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