Heading into the Home Stretch

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Stay focused on the school year and less on summer break. Sand Hill School at Children's Health Council

It’s that time of year—before you know it, we will be at the last day of school for the year. This time of year is typically filled with more activities than usual as well as end of year projects for students.

Here are some tips to help navigate through this time of year—

  • Check your child’s workspace at home (the quiet place where they do their homework) and help your child clean out and reorganize. Replenish any needed resources (pencils, erasers, paper etc).
  • Review your family’s calendar, and set priorities for how you spend your time. Stick to your routines.
  • Plan breaks for your child as they work on big projects and even big chores. Those breaks provide the down time that the brain needs to re-focus. Use a Time Timer to help students stay focused for appropriate periods of time.

Stay focused on the school year, and less on the summer break. Your positive attitude about school can help your child remain positive about school and finish the school year strong.


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