Looking Forward to Summer!

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Summer provides that break that we all need from school—for kids and parents alike. It’s a time to refuel and recharge. However, for kids with dyslexia and other learning differences, a total break is not always a good idea. As much as you would like to give your child time off from the academic skill building, a total break for summer is usually not beneficial for your child.

A respected researcher in the field of dyslexia, Sally Shaywitz M.D., at the Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity, knows that it is important for kids to keep up with learning over the summer. Scientific data show that many children, especially kids with dyslexia, lose reading skills over the summer. In a dyslexic child, written words are often still transient and temporary (Shaywitz).

As a parent, how do you find that ‘magic’ balance between maintaining learning and providing that break that your child so desperately needs? One idea is to find a summer program that will engage your child’s interests, provide opportunity for some fun AND provide that needed academic boost.

For the first time ever, Sand Hill School is offering a summer program with morning academics and afternoon fun. Your child can work with the trained, expert staff at Sand Hill in the morning on reading, writing and math, then have some fun in the afternoon! The morning program offers low student-teacher ratios and more targeted instruction, and the afternoon provides larger group activities with things like drama, movement, social skills, science experiments, field days and water fun!

Plan now for this summer–to give your child an academic boost and a much needed break with some summer fun! Apply today!

(No need for current Sand Hill families to apply—just contact jrodriguez@sandhillschool.org for details.)

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