While you’ve been sheltering in place, have you noticed some things about your child’s learning style you weren’t aware of before?

Young boy distance learning while sheltering in place

Do you have a child with learning differences and school anxiety? Sand Hill School may be a fit for you! Sign up for a parent tour.

Our innovative approach uses personalized learning to ensure students with learning differences are fully supported as they return to campus.

Sand Hill School is full-time in August 2021. We kept our campus COVID-free! We were fully operational on-site for the last quarter of the last school year, with all our kids on campus receiving live instruction in our small classroom setting (10-12 students). Sand Hill School and CHC will continue to adhere to any remaining COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

Detailed Program Information for Prospective Parents & Educators

Scroll through our presentation below to dive into the details and sign up for a parent tour to meet with school leadership and discuss your child’s future at Sand Hill School.

What’s next?

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