Distance Learning and Hybrid Learning

While you’ve been sheltering in place, have you noticed some things about your child’s learning style you weren’t aware of before?

Young boy distance learning while sheltering in place

Do you have a child with learning differences and school anxiety? Sand Hill School may be a fit for you! We have created a best-in-class distance learning model to help your kids re-engage and learn to love school again.

Sand Hill offers our signature innovative approach in a distance- and hybrid-learning model to ensure students with learning differences are supported academically, physically, creatively, socially and emotionally, even from afar.

Key features of Sand Hill’s personalized distance learning:

  • Small cohorts of 6-8 students, each one led by one of our 20 teachers, to ensure that each student gets the personalized attention and specialized instruction they need to thrive.
  • Reading, writing and math groups are smaller with 2-6 students grouped by ability.
  • Every class is designed so students see and interact with their teacher as a group with live remote instruction for at least half of each class period.
  • Teachers do one personalized well-being check-in per week with each of the students in their cohort (or more frequently as needed).
  • Extra support for reluctant learners.
  • Extensively trained teachers with elevated distance learning instruction expertise, including expanded software, programs and resources to keep our students active and engaged.

As always, Sand Hill’s teaching practices remain focused on strengths-based teaching to provide students with personalized, interactive, supportive and structured distance learning.

Key features of Sand Hill’s alternate-day on-campus hybrid program:

  • Parent choice. It is of utmost importance that families continue to make the best choice available for them and keep the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.
  • The distance learning features will all continue to be available in the hybrid model so that the transition back to campus, or not, will be as simple and safe as possible. All students will be receiving personalized and equitable instruction every day, whether on campus or at home Zooming in.
  • Students will spend 2 full days on campus and 3 days distance learning per week
  • The first group of students returns on September 30th; less than 50% of the student body.

Detailed Program Information for Prospective Parents & Educators

As always, the Sand Hill’s teaching practices remain centered on personalized, strengths-based teaching. Scroll through our presentation below to dive into the details and sign up for a parent tour to meet with school leadership and discuss your child’s future at Sand Hill School.

What’s next?

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