Sand Hill Alumni Speak Up

One of our major goals at Sand Hill School is to help each child develop the building blocks necessary for a successful transition to a more ‘typical’ school environment. A more typical school environment usually means that our students need to be prepared to handle larger class sizes, advocate appropriately for their needs, deal with increased volume of work and increased pace of instruction.

When it’s time to transition, we help our families identify the best school and support them in the transition process. Find out more about our Transition support.

Each year we believe that about 15% of our students will be ready to transition. Since we started our Transition Program almost three years ago, we have transitioned over 20 students (for a small school, that’s a big deal!)

Read more from our Sand Hill families.

Today marks a really big day in Henry’s life – the end of two and a half years as a student at Sand Hill. We did not want to let this day go without taking the time to communicate what this means to our family.

Thank you for all that you have done for Henry in the time he has been at your school. Because of Sand Hill, he has grown into a much more confident student who smiles as he heads off into the classroom each morning. Because of the work that all of you have done he has learned to be confident in his strengths and has begun important, foundational work on meeting his challenges. Because of you he can sit and read “How to Train Your Dragon” for fun!

We are so thankful that you accepted him as a student way back in the early days of the school and that you have shown so much kindness to him, and indeed, our whole family, during the time he has been at Sand Hill.

With exceptional gratitude

Just a quick note to let you know about our daughter, Faith. This past Fall she transitioned to local public Middle School and she has had a smashing success of a year so far-not only has she been cast in two theatre productions but she received straight As on her report card. We really credit Faith’s incredible success with the skills and confidence she gained during her time at Sand Hill. We are currently in the process of moving and Faith has her eye on a fantastic, well-know, respected high school. We will keep you posted!

Thank you again for all your great work!

I’ve never known a child who can advocate for himself as well as my son can now. I could not be more proud of this boy who does not give up on himself. He did give up on himself before he entered Sand Hill, but he doesn’t anymore! He has high self-esteem, confidence, he takes risks, he is not afraid of failure.

My son’s experience at Sand Hill School was indispensable for confidence building because he got (1) executive function skills, (2) understanding of who he was and the kind of learner he is, and (3) academic foundations in math and phonics and writing.

From a Sand Hill student: Sand Hill School changed my life. I was at a school where no one really cared. When I transitioned to school at Sand Hill it was completely different. They had me set high goals and did not allow me to give up. They had me push on. It was really life changing because now I know I can succeed.