What differentiates Sand Hill School from other private schools?

Sand Hill School stands out because of the extraordinary, ongoing support children receive from CHC’s specialists. Teachers and specialists work together daily to address the needs of the whole child. The Sand Hill Approach provides students with intensive academic instruction that is targeted to their needs.  The following support is woven into the fabric of the school and is included in the cost of tuition:

  • Small group instruction in lower school in reading and math.
  • Intensive instruction in language arts, math and history in middle school.
  • Project-based learning in middle school integrates many subject matter areas within a single large topic
  • Teachers may call upon CHC specialists at any time to observe children and suggest additional strategies inclu
  • Depending on a child’s needs, the teacher has the option to call upon a psychologist, speech-language pathologist or occupational therapist to work with students on specific skills.
  • A social emotional specialist is a daily part of the Sand Hill team.
  • Additional services provided at CHC after the school day are not included in the cost of tuition.

How are Sand Hill School teachers trained? What is their experience?

Sand Hill School teachers are trained in proven, evidence-based instructional methodologies and effective teaching practices, including effective use of structured, systematic, multisensory programs for reading, writing and math and strategies to identify and cultivate strengths, build social emotional awareness and executive functioning skills, motivate learners and manage behavior in the classroom.  Read more about Sand Hill’s unique approach called The Sand Hill Approach. Teachers are experienced and accomplished.  They understand how to engage and manage different learners with varying needs.  Critical to their success is their care, warmth and passion to work with students who need special attention. Research substantiates that these teacher abilities are the most important factors in determining success in the classroom.

What do you mean by “evidence-based” teaching strategies and instructional methodologies?

The term “evidence-based practices” refers to practices or programs that have been proven to have a record of success. While no single instructional program or method is effective in teaching all children, evidence-based practices provide the greatest opportunity for children to learn. Some examples of evidence-based methodologies for reading instruction are: Lindamood Bell, Slingerland, Orton-Gillingham, Alphabetic Phonics, Language!, Project Read, Wilson Fundations and Wilson Reading Programs. We use the following programs at Sand Hill: Reading: Mindplay Virtual Reading Coach, Fundations (Wilson) and the Wilson Reading System, Writing: Step Up to Writing (Sopris West) and Math: Number Worlds (SRA/McGraw-Hill).

Does Sand Hill School accept children with IEPs?

Yes, however, students are unable to receive public funds to attend Sand Hill School.  Sand Hill School is a tuition-based independent, private school and is not a non-public school (a state designation).

Do you offer tuition assistance?

Yes! Sand Hill School offers an abundance of needs-based financial assistance each year to its families and strives to meet as great a percentage of need as possible with the funds available.

I’m interested in Sand Hill School, but the distance we would have to travel concerns me. Do you have busing or carpool options?

We do not have busing options; however, Sand Hill School families travel from as far as north as San Francisco and as far south as Los Gatos.  Many Sand Hill School parents form carpools to ease the commute.  We can connect you with Sand Hill School parents in your area.

Is Sand Hill School a year-round school?

We are not formally called a year-round school. However, we have a longer school year than the typical school calendar and we also offer programs during summer.

How will students make the transition to a more typical classroom?

Parents, teachers and specialists will work in partnership to determine both when the student is ready to transition and what kind of environment would best support the student.  Transition support is included in the cost of tuition.  Sand Hill School has relationships with many private schools in the area and can actively support the transition process.