Schoolwide Learner Outcomes

The Sand Hill ApproachSand Hill School prepares students with language based learning differences and attention challenges for transition by ensuring that the following objectives are integrated into student learning.

Sand Hill School Students demonstrate academic competency by:

  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing effectively
  • Applying critical thinking skills to problem solve in creative ways
  • Being an active participant in their education

Sand Hill School Students demonstrate learning strategies by:

  • Practicing good habits in organization and time management
  • Integrating technology to accomplish learning objectives
  • Engaging in goal-directed decision-making

Sand Hill School Students demonstrate social and emotional skills by:

  • Controlling emotions and behaviors to persevere through challenging situations
  • Developing and maintaining positive relationships
  • Exhibiting a growth mindset

Sand Hill School Students demonstrate self-advocacy by:

  • Understanding their learning profile
  • Knowing what support will address their needs
  • Communicating needs to teachers and others