The Story of Sand Hill School

Executive Director Rosalie Whitlock and Head of School Cindy Lopez

Thanks to the vision of CHC Chief Executive Officer Rosalie Whitlock and former Head of School Cindy Lopez, who recognized the strong community need for a school devoted to kids with language-based learning differences, the idea of Sand Hill School was born.

With generous initial funding from philanthropists, long-time CHC friends and education advocates John and Betsy Kriewall, Sand Hill School opened its doors to seven bright young children in February 2011.

The school’s successful outcomes were immediately acknowledged in the community and by 2013 the student body had grown to 47 children in grades K-5, evidence of both the growing need in the community and the success of Sand Hill School. Today the school serves kids in grades 2-8. Sand Hill School teaches bright children who have learning differences plus ADHD and/or anxiety, and who may be experiencing challenges socially.

Sand Hill School is uniquely located just off the renowned Sand Hill Road in Palo Alto where visionary venture capitalists brokered major deals and invested in the entrepreneurial spirit that is part of the Silicon Valley. Some of the most successful people of our time have experienced learning disabilities and more. They learned that their strengths helped them to think ‘outside the box’ and see things that others might miss. Sand Hill students are the future visionaries, entrepreneurs and creative thinkers of the next generation who will shape the future of the Silicon Valley and beyond.