Sand Hill School Informational Tour

We invite you to join us for an intimate conversation about how your child can thrive. When you come to a Sand Hill Informational Tour, we offer a courtesy review of your child’s psych-ed testing report if you have one.

Sand Hill School playgroundRegularly Scheduled Virtual Tours

Now offered virtually, the Informational Parent Tour includes an in-depth introduction to Sand Hill’s educational philosophy with our highly trained and experienced Head and Assistant Head of School – live on Zoom to answer all your questions. How are we using our expertise to help neurodiverse students feel connected, discover strengths and gain confidence with our hybrid learning model? What makes Sand Hill’s specially trained staff so exceptional? How can the right personalized instruction help your child learn to love school again?

Learn more with a tour. Courtesy review of your child’s psych-ed testing report provided.

If you are a teacher, head of school, admissions director, ed specialist or pediatrician, we welcome you. Please contact our Office Manager, Julia Rodriguez directly and she will make arrangements for your visit.

Call 650.688.3605 or email