Our goal is to help your child develop the building blocks necessary for a successful transition back to your community school.

The transition process at Sand Hill begins from the moment of admission and continues until your child is placed in a new school. The number of years your child spends at Sand Hill depends on their personal challenges, their responsiveness to our program and the availability of schools that are appropriate and meet your child’s needs.

When it’s time for transition, we provide a specific program to help. We believe transition is a joint school/family decision that requires both art and science. There are a number of critical factors:

  • Development of fundamental skills and confidence
  • Determination regarding the student’s transition readiness
  • Family needs and desires
  • Choice of private or public school

Sand Hill School transition support includes:

  • Counseling with staff to determine transition readiness
  • Sand Hill School Transition Guide (2023-2024)
  • School placement support and information provided by the Transition Coordinator
  • For 8th graders, SHS experts lead an elective class with a focus on successful transition, high school readiness, learning strategies, coping strategies, mindfulness and well being
  • School visits
  • Preparing your child for the shadow experience

Check out the Sand Hill School Transition Guide (2023-2024) for more information.