The Power of Social Emotional Learning (SEL)

Feb SEL blog

The Case for SEL

Look around any Starbucks, airport or doctor’s office waiting room, and you’ll likely see impatient, frustrated, and angry adults simmering in the presence of children. After all, children are renowned for testing boundaries, pushing buttons and trying patience. This is especially true for kids with learning differences, as they try to navigate a world that doesn’t make sense.

But children pick up on our negative reactions, compounding fear and anxiety and exacerbating challenging behavior. They become worried and afraid of the world, avoiding uncomfortable situations and distrusting well-intentioned adults. Worst of all, they lose confidence in themselves. Read more »

Learning to Read with Dyslexia

reading with dyslexia

Many children enter Sand Hill School feeling broken and alone. Why? Because they learn differently, school has always been a struggle for them, and they haven’t yet discovered their inherent strengths.

We live in a complex world where children are expected to navigate information in a variety of ways at a very early age. Students who learn differently face the world with added challenges piled atop of their academic day. This is especially true when it comes to dyslexia: imagine what it must feel like to be lost in the puzzle of sounds, letters, words and expectations. As a result, these kids shut down, hide, beat themselves up and lose hope. Read more »

The Advantage of Biking Early and Often for Kids with Learning Differences

Riding for Focus

Sand Hill teachers regularly demonstrate the real meaning of passion and dedication.

Mr. Maslan wakes up early three days a week to provide students with an opportunity that most middle schoolers don’t have. As the leader of our Riding for Focus Program, Mr. Maslan provides opportunities for students to learn self-regulation and attention skills through bike riding. Read more »

A Cross-Curricular Journey through the Changing Seasons


Helping students connect across subjects at an early age can be a difference maker for emerging learners. 

With fall in the air, it was refreshing to recently spend some time with the second and third graders as they uncovered the nature of the changing seasons. First, Ms. Roarke and Ms. Ewert divided the students into small groups and asked the question, “Why do the seasons change?”

And then it happened: the classroom came to life. Read more »

Mission to Mars Project

Three… Two…One… Liftoff!!!

Have you ever gazed up at the stars and wondered what’s out there?

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be an astronaut? 

If given the chance, how would you design your own Mars Lander?

Read more »

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