July 8-13 Is National Summer Learning Week!

Children can lose up to two months of essential math and reading skills during the summer months. Fortunately, there is plenty that families and caregivers can do to support learning during the summer!

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New Program Offering: 1-on-1 Executive Functioning Coaching

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Is your bright child or teen struggling in school? Do they have trouble paying attention? Planning and prioritizing? Starting and staying focused on tasks through to completion? Do they have difficulty regulating their emotions? If so, they may have issues

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Universal Dyslexia Screening Improves Odds of Success in School


The Dyslexia Research Institute reports that “dyslexics have an inherited neurological difference, resulting in language, perceptual, processing, and attention/concentration differences. Since this issue affects so much of a child’s educational experience beyond just reading, it makes sense to identify and

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Editorial: When Streamlining Ed Policy, Engage Parents First

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Parents and teachers are understandably on edge. The Education Department is in the midst of reviewing every regulation and policy document it has ever issued so it can decide which ones should be modified and which ones should be scrapped.

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Being Popular: Why it Consumes Teens and Continues to Affect Adults

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Popularity is a loaded word. For many adults, it evokes powerful memories of jockeying for position in high school cafeterias and hallways. “The urge to be popular among our peers reaches its zenith in adolescence,” said Mitch Prinstein, a professor

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